3 ways to offer value in every email

There are three basic principles of email marketing that every business should follow.


Jan 5

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With that out of the way, let’s dive in!

Offering value in every email is key to successful marketing campaigns. It’s not enough to send one compelling offer, time after time; it does more harm than good. Instead, design an email campaign that offers something of value each and every time. Here are three great ways to do exactly that.

1) Include links to helpful resources.

As an email marketer, you can never have too much content available for your readers, regardless of the format. So include links to blog posts within previous emails, as well as links to landing pages that lead to downloadable ebooks or white papers.

2) Include a relevant offer.

It’s okay to send offers in your emails, but make sure they’re relevant to what you’ve already covered in the email. This means that if you’ve sent an email about how much blogging can help business growth, and then send out a follow-up email with affiliate links for blogging tools, it’s not going to be as effective as sending your list a free ebook that you’ve created about how to start a successful blog.

3) Include social sharing buttons in each email.

Including the Twitter and Facebook buttons within your emails allows readers to share your content with their own friends and followers. This is a great way to generate exposure because it’s free exposure through people who trust your brand, and it can really boost open rates.

Email marketing strategies that work

Offering value in each and every email is a great way to boost open rates. One compelling offer or a few helpful resources won’t cut it anymore; send your audience something of value each time so they look forward to receiving your emails.

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