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Lessons from Blogging Business Owners Earning 25K+ Monthly Income

Find out what digital marketing is today, the tactics involved, the types of content you can create, and the purpose digital marketing serves to your overall marketing strategy.


Aug 18, 2021

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With that out of the way, let’s dive in!

According to a 2018 study by Brandon Gaille ( there are four major blogging income brackets. Each is divided by the monthly income level of bloggers.

Lower Income Bracket

The lower-income level earns up to $7.5K per month with most of the money (over 60%) coming from ads and affiliates.

According to Gaille earning 2K per month is an inflection point to adding reliable sources of income. It is imperative to push over the 2K threshold as soon as possible to gain reliable passive income.

Middle Income Level

Once a blogging business owner reaches the middle-income bracket a noticeable change in income streams switch to affiliates with a noticeable three-time increase in online course income.

Two noticeable behaviors of middle-income bracket blogging business owners are their impressive 1K-10K email subscriber list and their commitment to professional development.

Upper Income Bracket

In the highest-earning income bracket, blogging business owners earn most of their income from online courses.

The biggest difference between middle and upper-income bracket earners is not their traffic (it usually plateau’s at the middle-income bracket level) but most importantly it’s their perpetually growing email list and multiple course offering.

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Grow your business, nurture your audience, and make money




Grow your traffic, nurture your audience, and make money

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Blogging Business Owner

Blogging Business Owner

Grow your traffic, nurture your audience, and make money

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